Chaplaincy Division

Role and Training

The Chaplaincy role is to provide religious services, spiritual guidance, and care to those in need. Given the demographic in which we will serve, practical Chaplaincy training is vital to Helping Hands accomplishing its mission. Therefore, general Chaplaincy training certification class will be mandated for everyone who wants to serve in this capacity. Training will be one day initially and continuous as we progress as the division progress. Ultimately, we hope to have certified Chaplains and licensed Counselors in house.

Who Can Serve?

Anyone can serve that has the heart to care for others. Ordain clergy would be great candidates for this opportunity because of the religious services they can administer. Such services would include communion, baptism, and baby dedications. However, to provide active listening, supportive presence, bereavement support would only require someone who cares.

Who Will We Serve?

Most people who are going through the immediate crisis, be it spiritual, emotional, traumatic loss. Any cases in need of long term psychiatric counseling will be referred to outside licensed and certified providers that will be connected to Helping Hands. Our goal is to ensure everyone that needs the care to receive it even if it indirectly from Helping Hands.

What Will We Provide?

  • Crisis support/ intervention immediate loss resulting from death, property loss (fire, flood, etc.), divorce, or any life-changing moments.
  • Religious services: Holy communion, blessings, baptism, spiritual guidance, retreats, and training for others who perform sacred services.
  • Liaise with Religious Community
  • Hospital visit on behalf of the family
  • Bereavement support
  • Chaplaincy education
  • Prayer/ anointing
  • Chapel services
  • Counseling (licensed agent): psychological, family, marriage

Where Will We Serve?

We will serve in the community-based in Riverdale Ga as a 501c3 non-profit organization. There will be no direct hospital Chaplaincy except visits done on request of the family only. We will make available our services to local jail/prison.